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Doble Calypso
Exhibit #1776
ShapeStandard (-)
FinishClear Coat
ConstructionThree piece wood
OwnerRick Brough

From John McAvoy, the yo-yo's creator and inventor:

"A fixed axle, adjustable gap yo-yo similar to the Ariel, Calyspo features imbedded weights, a polished axle and waxed strings for a heavier feel and even further increased sleep times. Using an untwisted waxed string, we have slept a Calypso for 63 seconds."

• Wood and brass construction with choice of material and finish (the model you see above is made from Western Broad Leaf Maple, burled figure with a natural finish which is grain filled and three coats of polyurethane. Cost was $6 extra for the burled figure finish.
• Balanced and matched halves.
• Adjustable gap.
• Handmade.
• Patented suede finger strap.
• Axle is made from piano wire that is only 2mm (.078") diameter. By far the thinnest axle of any yo-yo made. This uncommon size translates to exceptionally long spin times for a fixed axle yo-yo.

This yo-yo has solid identification on one halve (name of business, name of yo-yo, and where it was made) and exquisite craftsmanship overall.

Collected directly from John McAvoy, March 12, 2001.

This yo-yo is covered by U.S. patents 5,254,027 (October, 1993), and 5,389,029 (February, 1995).

Original retail price: $60 US.

Of interest...
Over the years yo-yo makers have tried various methods to alleviate "Yo-Yo Finger" -- the pain caused by prolonged wear of a yo-yo string around your finger. Here are a few variations that have appeared on the market since the early 1980s:

• Doble - Suede finger strap
• Duncan - Swivel-Eze
• Revolution Enterprise - Sweet Loops
• YoCorp - SuperSling, ver. 2
• YoCorp - SuperSling, ver. 1
• YoYo Zone - Grip String
• Ring (1930) - US patent 1864318
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